Top 7 Questions for Your CoolSculpting Consultation


All CoolSculpting consultations begin with a physical assessment. We don’t want to overwhelm you with any overly technical details but it involves a light pinching of the fat in your desired treatment area. If there is enough pinchable fat, guess what? You make an excellent candidate!

If that sounds like an oversimplification, it’s not. While that is more or less how a consultation begins, you should still come prepared with questions, especially if it is your first time. We want you to feel completely safe and know that you can trust us as your CoolSculpting provider. So, with that said, here is a list of the most frequent questions we encounter during our consultations:

How does it work?

Most candidates already understand that CoolSculpting freezes fat. They may or may not already now that it is FDA approved and that the body eliminates the frozen fat cells naturally. Just remember that this is your body and your hard-earned income. You have a right to ask detailed questions and ask them until you are satisfied with our answers. We are always happy to clarify an explanation.

What are the side effects?

As familiar as we get with our patients, we are perfectly aware of any side effects the treatment might have. Fortunately, one of CoolSculpting’s top selling points is the scarcity of side effects. Still, your comfort is key. Ask us and we will be happy to discuss unusual side effects, how long side effects last and any signs that warrant a call to our clinician or your doctor.

Who manufactures the machine?

A company called Zeltiq manufactures the only official CoolSculpting machine. It also provides various applicators for different parts of the body. Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting line is the one we use. In your research, you may have come across imitators with similar sounding names. You will want to know who manufactures the machine that will be used in your treatment and we are more than happy, not to mention trained, to answer all questions related to its manufacture.

How many sessions will I need?

It is not a consultation unless it results in an individualized treatment plan. When it comes to the amount of sessions required, that is information that varies from person to person. This is a serious investment of your time and money. Be prepared to discuss how many sessions it will take to achieve your desired effect.

Are you CoolSculpting Certified?

We can tell you now we are CoolSculpting Certified. Ask us anyway. We are proud of the hands-on training our clinicians have received. It is just an added assurance that you are in the best hands.

What are the results?

The response to this question will have to hold you over for the three or so months it can take for the results to fully manifest themselves. We are more than happy to describe our first-hand experiences with repeat customers and, of course, share photos of the before-and-after variety. As professionals, we do not offer guesses or exaggerations. It is important to us that we project outcomes as accurately as possible.

At Eureka Body Care and Spa, we set out to create an environment where customers are inclined to ask questions because they sense they are in the right place for finding answers. Our own expert in cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Gael, can answer questions on a wealth of topics, not just those pertaining to CoolSculpting. Visit our site and contact us for an appointment!

What results should I expect?

Because everyone’s body is different, the results from CoolSculpting aren’t always going to be the same. In most cases, you’ll start to notice a reduction around a month after the treatment. That’s because it takes the body a short amount of time to start removing the crystallized frozen fat cells. You’ll continue to see improvements for three months and sometimes more.

Will you lose any weight? You won’t see any fluctuation on the scale, but you will feel a difference in the way your clothes fit and in your reflection in the mirror. Results vary from person to person. Your CoolSculpting provider will talk with you about that during your consultation. Remember that a good CoolSculpting provider won’t promise you the moon, but they will be honest about what you can expect. If you’re not a suitable candidate, they will tell you that upfront.

A true professional will answer all your questions honestly and will do whatever they can to put you at ease about the procedure. The goal for your CoolSculpting consultation is to come out of it feeling comfortable with CoolSculpting itself and comfortable with your provider.

If you don’t feel like you fully understand the procedure or what you can expect, keep asking questions until you do. At Clarity, we pride ourselves on our down-to-earth staff and comfortable boutique environment. Our consultations are always free and we won’t stop until you feel confident that you’re in good hands!

Are you thinking about taking the plunge on CoolSculpting? You already know that we’re huge fans of this innovative method for getting rid of fat. What’s not to love about a non-surgical treatment that actually freezes fat? When the fat cells under the skin are frozen, they die and your body naturally flushes them out.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment, and it’s perfectly safe because fat cells actually freeze at a higher temperature than other cells do, so there’s no risk of accidentally freezing anything other than the fat (in case you were wondering…). This treatment can target fat cells virtually any place on the body—double chin, arms, abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, banana roll, bra fat.

And, there is NO SURGERY and NO DOWNTIME. Within four weeks, you’ll start to see a difference as your body begins naturally getting rid of the dead fat cells. You will see your final result at around three months after your treatment.


Not everyone is a suitable candidate for CoolSculpting. To find out if you are, you’ll need to have a consultation with a CoolSculpting certified clinician. This expert will go over the entire process and do a physical assessment to determine if the process will work for you. The physical assessment involves a light pinching of the fat in your desired treatment area. If there is enough pinchable fat, you’re a suitable candidate! The clinician will create a personalized treatment plan that will remove fat in the places where you want fat gone.

But before that happens, you get a chance to ask questions and to decide if this is the CoolSculpting professional you want to work with. Since this is your first time, you likely have no idea what to ask or what to look for in a good CoolSculpting provider.

So, to help you determine if you’ve found the right person to trust with this treatment, I’ve put together this list. If my best friend was going in for a CoolSculpting consult, here’s what I’d tell her to ask:


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