Ten Key CoolSculpting Facts

The non-surgical method of fat loss known as CoolSculpting involves applying cooling panels to areas that bulge. The fat cells die while the surrounding healthy skin cells remain intact. The excess fat then passes through the body’s natural waste removal system. It is ideal for anyone looking to streamline their physique and boost their self-confidence. Call it a cosmetic intervention.
So we know you’re already curious about this innovative and potent approach to fat loss. You’re thinking of contacting our offices for an appointment. Why don’t you take a moment to look over these exciting benefits? We kept it to ten. Trust us, there’s more!

  1. CoolSculpting has been cleared by the FDA for removing love handles from people’s sides since 2010, from the stomach since 2012.
  2. Over four million successful CoolSculpting treatments have been performed worldwide, with a 90 percent patient satisfaction rate.
  3. No anesthesia is required. You remain completely conscious.
  4. There are no incisions, needles or lasers. CoolSculpting is 100% non-surgical and non-invasive.
  5. With its long-lasting, sustainable results, CoolSculpting is highly cost-effective.
  6. Aside from love handles, CoolSculpting also takes on muffin tops, thighs, bellies and waists.
  7. No downtime is required. Schedule your next visit immediately.
  8. Don’t mind us. You can read, watch movies, talk on the phone, rest or work during treatment.
  9. The treatment is perfect for all skin types, with no discomfort or pain.
  10. CoolSculpting achieves up to 25 percent reduction in unwanted fat.

CoolSculpting is not a replacement for dieting and exercising. However, it can produce results where they have failed. Since our patient’s goals tend to be aesthetic ones, we consider our technicians to be artists of a sort. They will follow your every instruction in order to make sure you look and feel your very best.

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