3 Tips to Eliminate Back Fat and Bra Bulge

Every fat-reducing method you’ve ever seen advertised has most likely been presented as an alternative. If you’re unsatisfied with the way Product X reduces bra bulge and back fat, try Product Y. If you want to reduce bra bulge and bra fat, we recommend you use Coolsculpting but only after learning about the problem, then implementing proper diet and exercise. That is because CoolSculpting is not just some alternative. It stands on its own, not as a substitute. You have to put the work in.

What is back fat and bra bulge?

First, rather than assume it’s obvious, let’s make sure we understand the back itself. After all, how often do we see it? It is important to take note of the fact that the back is not one solid structure. Three groups of back muscles control the shoulders, the thoracic cage, and the vertebral column. The Trapezius is a large muscle that runs from your neck, past your shoulders, and connects at the center of your spine. The Levator Scapulae and the rhomboids are located beneath the layers of the Trapezius. The first connects the top shoulder to the upper neck. The second connects the bottom shoulder to the top spine. Finally, below these muscles is the Latissimus Doris, or lower back, which runs from the armpit to the center spine and down to the hip.

This structure is common to most of us. So is the finite amount of adipose cells, or fat tissue, we are all born with. It is only when genetics, muscle atrophy and dietary habits enter the picture, that we start to either develop back fat and bra bulge, or not. Experts are still hard at work on the genetic aspect. However, weakened muscles and poor nutrition are certainly issues we can tackle. 

What is the cause of back fat and bra bulge?

Fat gain is the result of unhealthy dieting and a lack of exercise. That much is obvious. Just think about those back muscles. They are highly underutilized and improperly stressed. Even gym rats tend to neglect some muscle groups. Let’s not forget what we already know those desk jobs can do to the spine and its corresponding muscles. When you add this lack of proper muscle utilization to the usual unhealthy eating habits, you get back fat and bra bulge. 

How do I get rid of back fat and bra bulge? 

  • Diet

Water, water and more water. That is the answer. Your need for hydration has nothing to do with whatever causes you to crave the sugar in soda and juice. Yet, the two get confused all too often. There is no substitute for water and you will feel the lack of satisfaction when you drink anything else. Drink one cup of water for every hour you are awake. Consider it a goal or guideline, not a schedule or regimen.

While we’re discussing what should and shouldn’t pass those lips, avoid booze. Complete sobriety improves your mood, metabolism, energy levels and sleep. All of that improves your chances of dropping that bra bulge.  Avoid starches, sugar, sodium and saturated fat. Cut back on carbs. Increase your intake of healthy fats, proteins and both soluble and insoluble fibers. Reduce that caffeine intake and get more sleep.

  • Exercise

Start with general cardio. You want to seek out something known as HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. No heavy equipment is necessary. A simple jump rope will do. Then, move on to targeted exercises or resistance training to work out the atrophied muscles in your back.  This will heal any stress damage done to your spine and strengthen your back muscles. Now, you can exercise that fatty back. Don’t stop there. Improve back support and minimize the muffin tops and love handles often associated with back fat, by incorporating core and glute exercises. 

  • Coolsculpting

Any Coolsculpting expert will insist that the non-surgical fat reduction technology takes its place right after diet and exercise, for good reason. The ideal Coolsculpting candidate is already well aware of the information above and applying it. Yet, fat is persistent. One might say it is stubborn. That is why we freeze it, from the outside in. Our device destroys fat tissue by sucking up a portion of the fat and producing a precisely controlled temperature of cold air. The dead fat cells are naturally eliminated, through the body. Back fat is not only perfectly pinchable, but it is less sensitive. Let others juggle the “alternatives.” With Coolsculpting, you can undergo multiple treatments for optimal results. At Eureka, our clients like to treat themselves to a facial after dieting, exercising and Coolsculpting!


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