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How we may help you

Apart from Skincare and Hair Removal services we offer Body Care and Spa.
Depending on target area and desired result you can choose between different treatments to shape your body: Ultratone Lipo-Slimming, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Ultherapy or SmoothShapes. All these body care methods focus on non-invasive fat reduction.

Our specialists will advise you and help you choose right course of action for your specific concern.

Our skin care features Microcurrent Treatment as well as various other facial skin treatments. Eureka specialists will advise you on your skin care routine, give you skin care tips and help you choose best skin care products. Apart from facial masks and advanced skin care we offer skin rejuvenation techniques such as cosmetic botox & fillers as well as stem cell and Platelet Plasma injections for those who struggle with hair loss. Skin rejuvenation and hair regeneration procedures are led by by Dr Gael who has over 15 years experience in the field of skin and body care. 

Other than Body Slimming and Skin Care we offer a variety of hair removal services including laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal is done using the latest hair removal technology, MedioStar NeXT laser. Among other known laser treatment solutions MedioStar laser has proved to be fastest and most effective way against unwanted hair that guarantees permanent hair removal over the course of 6-8 procedures. Aside from facial hair removal, thanks to the XL headpiece the MedioStar laser can remove hair from large areas such as back and thighs in just under 5 minutes!