Following Up on Your CoolSculpting Procedure


CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that freezes subliminal fat, which is later processed naturally through the body. These days, it can be done on your lunch hour. That does not mean you won’t have to follow up on the procedure. Be conscious of the following once you have completed a session.

Immediately After

Like we said, you can have this done on your lunch hour and immediately return to work on the same day. You may resume all of your usual activities, even exercise. There is no recovery time.

For about ten minutes, the treated tissue may look or feel stiff but that will fade. It will also be red for at least 20 minutes from when the applicator is removed. Some bruising and tenderness might occur due to the pressure of the vacuum but that will last a few weeks, at most. One last thing you might notice is numbness in the area. This can take anywhere from a few hours to eight weeks to resolve itself.

Days & Weeks After

There is a span of two weeks where you will see mild but temporary redness in the treated area. If it significantly worsens or if you start to experience pain or swelling, contact us immediately. Bruising may also occur but, again, contact us if it lasts longer than a month or if the bruise seems to worsen.

Sensations will vary in the treated area. In the first two weeks, you might experience tingling, tenderness, cramping and/or soreness.  On the other hand, a temporary dulling or numbness might persist for as long as eight weeks following the procedure. Whatever occurs during this time, there should be a noticeable reduction in the thickness of the targeted fat layer. That is the desired result, after all.

Following Up

We welcome you to schedule a follow-up visit with us, to review your clinical results. It is important to us that you continue to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, as the procedure is never meant to replace either. You won’t need any special supplements or follow a stricter exercise regimen. Just maintain your normal routine. Together, we will discuss your satisfaction with the improvement, as well as the option of additional CoolSculpting procedures to achieve more fat reduction.


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