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CoolSculpting can help you get rid of your pooch, your belly pooch that is. Don’t worry, your beloved canine companion is perfectly safe. There is a region of a woman’s lower stomach that appears as fat around the belly button and also happens to be known as a pooch.

The most common cause of this feature is pregnancy. Other women develop one from age or lack of exercise. It affects all body types and is even considered feminine or desirable by some. Others just want flat abs. That is where CoolSculpting comes in.

That persistent fullness in the lower abs simply stands in the way of a fitness-minded woman’s vision of a smooth, flat tummy. The ideal CoolSculpting candidate is already in decent shape and has that one elusive bulge marked for elimination. However, it is important to know that belly fat is not the only thing standing between you and your flat belly. After all, we recognize that our clients like to be well-informed when it comes to their bodies.

Lumbar hyperlordosis is a mouthful. The term simply refers to a fairly common problem where the lower back curves inward more than it is supposed to. As a result, the lower abdominal region juts out. Poor posture and sitting in front of a computer all day tend to be the cause of this. Sound familiar? Yes, that sedentary lifestyle is still a big reason why clients seek us out in the first place.

Diastasis recti is the only other fancy term we have for you today. This one describes a post-partum condition where the paired rectus abdominus muscle that runs vertically down each side of the abdomen has separated in the middle. This is typically due to those muscles stretching during pregnancy.

Food intolerances can cause abdominal distension, represented by the “pooch” in your belly. Intolerance of food can only mean one thing: gas. Whatever the trigger, whether it be raw vegetables or beans or lactose, gas and bloating are never far behind.  Gluten intolerance, high-fiber grains and fructose cause problems as well. Eliminate foods you suspect of causing distress and see if there is any improvement. Our clients are quite adept with diet and exercise. They know their bodies and therefore know when CoolSculpting is the smart choice.

Medical issues should probably lead to a doctor’s visit rather than a trip to the spa. On the other hand, Eureka is a medical spa and prepared to discuss issues such as irritable bowel syndrome or gynecological issues. We do not treat these conditions but we are able to identify potential reasons behind persistent body fat.

In our experience, seemingly anything can be behind abdominal distension. Some people swallow air during an intense workout. Others just do it unconsciously. It is a condition called aerophagia. What matters most is that our med spa is always standing by to consult with clients on the cause of unwanted bulges and whether or not CoolSculpting is the answer.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us or visit here for peer-reviewed articles and clinical studies pertaining to the CoolSculpting process.

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