Getting A Grip On Love Handles

CoolSculpting NYC

Are you determined to eradicate those love handles with CoolSculpting? More often than not, we see love handles on men and women who already take excellent care of their body. It just so happens that areas that resist regular exercise are our specialty.

Any old day spa can promise instant results. A spa with a physician on staff, also called a medspa, can answer the type of questions that health and body conscious consumers want answered before undergoing even a non-invasive procedure such as CoolSculpting.

Our estheticians are always happy to explain how CoolSculpting works. We want our guests to feel safe and comfortable. After trained technicians target those stubborn pockets of fat with a cooling device, the frozen fat cells are naturally processed and eliminated. Those unwanted bulges disappear without a trace.

Vacuuming fat through a needle is ancient history. These days, the metropolitan crowd can stop by Eureka on their lunch hour. Depending on the size of those love handles, a single treatment may be all it takes. It depends on the individual.

Our customers tend to be well-informed and already in relatively good shape. You might say it is their attention to detail that brings them to us instead of other spas. The areas that concern them tend to be ones resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. It is the details of the experience we offer that keep them coming back. Those details include fast results, no pain and no recovery time. The fact that there is no surgery or anesthesia involved doesn’t hurt, either.

Bear in mind that love handles are usually small pockets of fat. People with excess belly fat and serious weight control problems tend not to be ideal candidates for CoolSculpting, which focuses on fat reduction. Weight loss is a matter of shrinking fat cells. Fat reduction is about eliminating them. After CoolSculpting, the number of fat cells in the targeted area is typically reduced to about 20% or 25%.

Armed with this information, our CoolSculpting candidates are not expecting to drop any weight. Instead, they look forward to looking and feeling better. Their clothes fit better. Best of all, when they return to the gym, they will enjoy a workout without the distraction of love handles.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us or visit here for peer-reviewed articles and clinical studies pertaining to the CoolSculpting process.

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